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BET Research Group’ (Bio and Environmental Technology Research Group), aims to address different scientific, engineering and socio-economical issues related to Health, Food, Bio-fuel, Wastewater Management, Electronic Waste Management, and Cleaner Production. 

 Currently BET Research Group is working on different biotech and environmental issues which include food processing and preservation, artificial fruit ripening, low-cost detection of biomarkers and toxins, and 3D molecular modelling of antibody structure and antibody-antigen interactions.

 To join BET Research Group potential students with high interest and self-motivation may contact at:

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Current projects:

  1. A Critical Analysis of Artificial Fruit Ripening and Fruit Processing
  2. Recycling and Resource Recovery
  3. Food Preservation and Processing
  4. Bio active papers and POI devices
  5. Amino Acid Detection and Modelling
  6. Biodiesel Production from Algae : Harnessing the Potential of Algae
  7. Dental decay by soft drinks,fruit juices, bottled water & other beverages
  8. Medical waste management
  9. Antimicrobial Paper Development
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