Project Title:

Resource recovery from waste dry cell battery


Hasib Al Mahbub

Nandini Deb

Shamsul Abedin

Mohammad Raisul Abedin


Increasing consumption of Zinc Carbon (Zn-C) dry cell shows that almost 95% of their wastage are simply dumped into the environment. The metal contents of Zn-C dry cells are not vastly hazardous to the environment; however, higher concentration of Zinc (Zn) and Manganese (Mn) in this type of cells shows an industrial interest in recycling and recovering Zn and Mn. The main challenge is to find an economically feasible recycling process. In recent days research work is mainly concentrated on the recovery of Zn and Mn from Zn-C dry cell; the existing recovery processes are Pyrometallurgical or Hydrometallurgical. A suitable leaching medium with reagents followed by precipitation, solvent extraction or Electrowinning would show a higher recovery of zinc and manganese. The major objectives of this research work are to study the current market consumption of the Zn-C dry cells, to explore the opportunities of metal recycling, to find an efficient and economical way to achieve a higher recovery of Zn and Mn, and finally, the industrial process will be designed and critically analyzed to recover and recycle Zn and Mn from Zn-C dry cells.

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