Project Title:

Food Preservation and Processing


Md. Mezbah Uddin Oyon

Rezwanul Islam

Sadat Kamal Amit

Rizwanur Rahman Abeer


Food is a naturally decaying substance, which undergoes degradation because of the spoilage actions of microorganisms or enzymatic reactions or oxidation. ‘Food Preservation’ techniques aim to minimize or prevent the growth of microorganisms as well as retard different reactions that result in food spoilage. The major focus of food preservation is to extend the shelf life of the food item during the storage period. Different techniques are used to preserve different food items. Typical preservation techniques are pasteurization, sterilization, freezing, chilling, drying and fermentation. Besides, a large number of chemical substances are also used as food preservatives. Of late, new food processing techniques, such as irradiation, pulse electric field, high pressure processing, are also offering alternate food preservative options. The major objectives of this project is to study the physicochemical effects of food preservative techniques on food items, to identify food shelf-life, to detect possible health hazard using different food preservation techniques, and to identify appropriate food preservation and processing techniques for different food items.

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