Project Title:

Biodiesel Production from Algae : Harnessing the Potential of Algae 


Md. Shajid Khan

Abdullah Al Moinee 


The world is enchained by the crisis of fuel energy which triggers the global warming and environmental instability . Alternative fuel source is needed to be emerged that will be environment friendly . Renewable energy source as alternative fuel is to be harnessed as a solution to the climate inequilibrium and drop down the level of existing sources . Biodiesel from algae is a viable source of alternative fuel by developing a stipulated concept scale  which is efficient enough to bridge the gap between supply and demand . Oil extracted from algae lipid can be turned into biodegradable and carbon neutral Biodiesel that can reduce pollution at a remarkable level .This technology can overcome a number of hurdles in the fuel market in a beneficiray way. A new horizon of alternative fuel research and development has started paving the way through the high potentiality of algae based fuel replacing the exisiting energy sources . It can be a model with a view to mitigating the energy crisis by opening a greener threshold of solution .


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