Project Title:

A Critical Analysis of Artificial Fruit Ripening and Fruit Processing


Mehnaz Mursalat

Md. Nazibul Islam

Tonmoy Mallik

Faisal Pasha

Sabrina Shawreen Alam


Fruit ripening is a natural process which also can be stimulated using different artificial fruit ripening agents. In the recent years, the effect of artificial ripening has become questionable because of various health related issues. There are direct and indirect health hazards associated with artificial ripening agents and their impurities, which require qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical toxicity and their impact on fruit quality. To understand the possible health hazards, it is important to analyze chemicals present within artificially-ripened fruits, and to analyze any change in food value. This research project aims to study the usages of different chemical compounds as artificial fruit ripening agents, their mechanisms, their effects on fruit quality, and possible health impacts. The existing laws and legislations practiced in different countries will also be analyzed. The key objective of this research project is to address the problems associated with artificial ripening and bring them to the notice of the scientific and non-scientific communities.




  1. Mehnaz Mursalat, Asif Hasan Rony, Abul Hasnat Md. Sazedur Rahman, MD. Nazibul Islam, Mohidus Samad Khan, “A Critical Analysis of Artificial Fruit Ripening: Scientific, Legislative and Socio-Economic Aspects”, CHE Thoughts, vol 4 issue 1, December 2013.
  2.  A. H. M. Sazedur Rahman, Md. Nazibul Islam, Mollik Yousuf Imtiaz, Abdullah Faisal Pasha, Mehnaz Mursalat, Sabrina Shawreen Alam, Mohidus Samad Khan, “NUTRITION VALUE ANALYSIS OF ARTIFICIALLY RIPENED BANANA (BARI-1 HYBRID BANANA, MUSA SPP.),  Proceedings of the International Conference on Chemical Engineering 2014 ICChE2014, 29-30 December, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Previous members/ Alumni:

  1. Asif Hasan Rony, Graduate Research Assistant, University of Wyoming
  2. Abul Hasnat Md. Sazedur Rahman, Health and Safety Officer,  lafarge surma cement  


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