Name: Md Nazibul Islam

Status: Undergrad

Active years: 2011

Project title 1: Developement of POC Device

Project description: On a collaboration with Sultan Qaboos University(SQU), Oman to develop paper based detection device for aldehyde detection

Project title 2: Artificial Fruit Ripening and Preservation

Project descriptionTo find out the effect of different artificial fruit ripening agents on nutritional values of tropical fruits and develop policies for better distribution of ripened fruits.



  1. Mehnaz Mursalat, Asif Hasan Rony, Abul Hasnat Md. Sazedur Rahman, MD. Nazibul Islam, Mohidus Samad Khan, “A Critical Analysis of Artificial Fruit Ripening: Scientific, Legislative and Socio-Economic Aspects”, CHE Thoughts, vol 4 issue 1, December 2013.
  2.  A. H. M. Sazedur Rahman, Md. Nazibul Islam, Mollik Yousuf Imtiaz, Abdullah Faisal Pasha, Mehnaz Mursalat, Sabrina Shawreen Alam, Mohidus Samad Khan, “NUTRITION VALUE ANALYSIS OF ARTIFICIALLY RIPENED BANANA (BARI-1 HYBRID BANANA, MUSA SPP.),  Proceedings of the International Conference on Chemical Engineering 2014 ICChE2014, 29-30 December, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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