Jun’2021 Onward: Chief Sustainability Office and Head of Operations of Beximco Health and PPE, Bangladesh Export Import Company (BEXIMCO) Ltd.

The work responsibility includes Beximco Sustainability Initiatives and Projects, and Head of Operations of Beximco Health and PPE.

As the CSO closely working with Beximco Top Management and Admin, Company HR and Compliance, Engineering, Utility and Maintenance Units, Supply Chain, Marketing and Merchandising, Power Generation, Chemical Storage and Waste Management teams on industrial and environmental sustainability issues.

As a part of Beximco Health and PPE, heading product development, production, quality control, commercial, marketing and merchandising related issues.

Nov’2020 – Dec’2021: Member of Technical Advisory Group, Access to Medicines and Health Products Division, WHO Geneva (HQ).

This technical advisory work supports different work group under the headquarters of WHO, such as: i) WHO TAG on PPE team, ii) WHO Prequalification of PPE, MDs and IVDs team, and iii) WHO Local Production and Technology Transfer of PPE, MDs and IVDs team, to develop prequalification requirements and technological assessment of PPE items and manufacturers.

Apr’2020 – Jul’2021: National Consultant for Identification of Local Options for Quality Testing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during COVID-19 Pandemic, WHO

This work supports national health authorities in Bangladesh to develop a national quality control system for priority PPE items, which will inform procurement decisions by government and other agencies (DGDA, WHO, USAid, and JICA) through the identification of local solutions for testing PPE according to internationally accepted standards, outlined by WHO in the disease commodity package for COVID-19.

Mar’18 onward (on leave): Associate Professor, Dept of Chemical Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

This work encompasses Teaching, Research, Consultancy and Departmental activities.

Teaching Courses Taught: ChE 6504 (Fermentation Technology), ChE 6505 (Biochemical Engineering), ChE 473 (Biochem Eng I), ChE 475 (Biochem Eng II), ChE 203 (Chem Eng Thermo I), ChE 485 (Industrial Pollution Control), ChE 481 (Environmental Engineering I), ChE 411 (Economics and Management of Chemical Process Industries).

Design and Consultancy – Provide consultancy services to Biotechnological and Environmental Projects funded by Govt of Bangladesh, IFC-World Bank, JICA, European Funding Agencies and Local Industries.

Industrial Waste Management, Chemical Safety and Management, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), Bioprocess Engineering, etc.

  • Working on Industrial Waste Management, Chemical Management and Environmental issues since 2004; working experience with different waste management options including Physico-Chemical, Biological and Zero-Discharge techniques.
  • Hands-on experience in designing and troubleshooting textile (dyeing and washing) and pharmaceutical Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs).
  • Certified trainer (CSP-US Department of State) for chemical inventory, management and accountability
  • Technological assessment of Green Energy and Biofuel production options.
  • Prefers to mix Technical Consultancy with Research Approach

Research – supervising different research projects on Health and Food, such as: Food Processing and Preservation, Low-Cost Diagnostics to Detect Biomarkers in Biofluid, Biofuel Production from Biomass, Biological Effluent Treatment, Resource Recovery from Solid Waste, and Environmental Engineering, etc.

Nov’13 – Mar’18: Assistant Professor, Dept of Chemical Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

Oct’16 – Jan’17: Visiting Research Scholar, Texas A&M University, USA

Jun – July’15: Visiting Professor, McGill University, Canada

Jun’10 – Sept’13: Post-Doctoral Fellow, McGill University, Canada

This work encompassed Theoretical and Experimental research. The Experimental research work aimed developing Antibody active paper and cellulose beads to detect and filter bacteriophage ‘T7’. The Theoretical research work aimed to perform molecular modelling of building blocks of Picloram antibody, 3D Homology modelling of Antibody Binding Fragments, and Quantum Calculation of Antibody-Antigen Interaction Energies at different physiological conditions.

Feb-May’10: Post-Doctoral Researcher, Monash University, Australia

This project developed bioactive enzymatic papers and low-cost paper diagnostics for blood typing. Main focuses of the project were to deliver enzymes and proteins in a controlled pattern on paper, to investigate activity, stability, selectivity, aging, fixation and retention of enzymes on paper.

Jan’07 – May’10: Casual Academic/Sessional Teacher, Monash University, Australia

Course Taught – CHE2165 (Bio-nano Engineering), MEC2404 (Fluids Mechanics), CHE3161 (Chemistry and Chemical Thermodynamics), CHE3164 (Reaction Engineering), CHE4180 (Chemical Engineering Project), CHE4163 (Transport Phenomena and Numerical Methods).

May-Sept’06: Environmental Consultant and Engineering Design, Renata Ltd., BD

Work independently to design the ‘Effluent Treatment Plant, ETP’ and to develop the ‘Waste Management Plan’ for Renata Limited, a prominent pharmaceutical industry in Bangladesh (www.renata-ltd.com).

Sep’04-Aug’06: Project Engineer, ETP, ISM Project

ISM was an international research project aiming pollution abatement. The project was funded by DFID (UK), USAID (US), Dept of Env (DoE) of Bangladesh Govt; and was undertaken by Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS), Stockholm Env Inst (SEI) and Uni of Leeds, UK. This project worked to identify and reduce industrial water pollution in the Turaag River and surrounding wetlands. Key Responsibilities: Identifying and measuring water pollution in the Turaag River; Helping industries to establish and troubleshoot Effluent Treatment Plants; Report Writing; Scientific Publication; Presenting Research works to the Industry and Local community.

2007-2008: Monash University

  • Safety and Lab Manager: Chemistry Lab (2007-08) and Humidity Controlled Lab (2008-09), APPI, Monash University. ● Member of Safety Committee, Dept of Chem Eng, Monash University.

Jul’98 – Jun’00: Lab Assistant Demonstrator, Physics Lab, Notre Dame College

  • Demonstrate different lab experiments; ● Marking reports; ● Maintain lab equipment
  • Member (Nov 2022 onward), Evaluation Teams (ET) for the Engineering Programs un the Chemical Engineering Sector, Board of Accreditation for Engineering and Technical Education (BAETE), IEB Bangladesh.
  • Member (Sept 2022 onward), Sectoral Committee (SC) for the Engineering Programs un the Chemical Engineering Sector, Board of Accreditation for Engineering and Technical Education (BAETE), IEB Bangladesh.
  • Member (Dec 2020 onward), Technical Committee for Circular Economy and Riverine Plastics Pollution Management, Ministry of Water Resources (Bangladesh Water MSP) (Ref: Gazette No. 42.00.0000.039.15.527 dated December 3, 2015 of Ministry of Water Resources)
  • Technical Team Lead (Apr 2020 onward), Standardization and Quality Control of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as Emergency Response of COVID-19 Pandemic, UNDP-WHO-USAid-DGDA.
  • Member and Co-Chair (May 2017 onward), ‘Fine Chemicals’ Committee, Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institute (BSTI), Ministry of Industries, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.
  • Technical Team Lead (Aug 2017 onward), Technical Working Group formed by Solidaridad Network Asia Limited to “Measuring Water Footprint and Sustainable Use of Water in the Leather Cluster of Savar in Bangladesh”.
  • Member (2016 onward), The National Steering Board of Bangladesh Water Multi-Stakeholder Partnership, Ministry of Water Resources (Bangladesh Water MSP) (Ref: Gazette No. 42.00.0000.038.18.039/15 dated December 6, 2015 of Ministry of Water Resources)
  • Member (2017 onward), Industrial Water and Wastewater Management Work Stream, Bangladesh Water MSP, Prime Minister’s Office, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.
  • Member (2017), Committee to develop guideline for ‘Production, Processing, Packaging and Exporting Charcoal from Jute Stick’, Ministry of Textiles and Jute, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.
  • Member, Committee to Develop Guideline to Establish Bio-Ethanol Plants in Bangladesh (2016-17), Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources, Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh.
  • Professional Engineer (Engineers Australia; Level-1).
  • Member, Australia’s Biotechnology Organisation (AusBiotech), American Chemical Society (ACS), Sigma Xi, APPITA, The Institute of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB), Bangladesh Chemical Engineering Alumni Association.
  • Associate Member, Institute of Chemical Engineers (IChemE)